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The Böhmer Audio PerfectWave Preamplifier is a complete Preamplifer with Crossover, Speaker Correction, Room Correction and DAC built in. It is remote controlled either through a customizable WiFi remote app that works on any web enabled platform, smart phones, pads, computers etc. or a conventional IR remote. The fascia, buttons and general appearance is easily customizable and can be changed as well as number of buttons and functions. The WiFi remote appearance and the functions available are also easily customizable.

The PerfectWave is pictured below in its "Wavelet" configuration marketed by Legacy Audio.

The PerfectWave Preamplifier has both balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and also has both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs. It has a built in phantom powered microphone input for performing room correction measurements as well as measuring phase and level of connected speakers. It has digital inputs in the form of a USB input, SPIDF input and a TosLink input.



Wavelet Technical Specifications...

Wavelet Block Diagram...

The PerfectWave Preamplifier is fully supported by the Böhmer Audio Sycon DSP Loudspeaker Setup and Development Software Suite.