Development Kits

Böhmer Audio offers two different development kits. Both kits include everything needed to get started with the DSP development work. The BA-DK1 kit comes with an amplifier unit containing the Böhmer Audio core processing circuit boards together with six channels of Class-D power amplification, 6x125W @ 4ohms. The BA-DK2 kit includes a preamplifier unit with eight output channels on both balanced and unbalanced outputs.

Furthermore the kits include the Sycon Software Suite, all necessary cables and a measurement Microphone.


The Sycon Software Suite - A toolbox of world-class audio software

The philosophy behind the Böhmer Audio Sycon Software Suite is to cut your cost and development time. Sycon includes a fully professional level loudspeaker measurement module with a number of innovative features. It also has a DSP system configurator that allows control of which features to make available to an end user, the front panel appearance and button function etc. Finally it has an Audio Analyzer that provides a cutting edge development environment for DSP loudspeakers. It has a number of built in ground breaking tools that speeds up the development work significantly and allows even experienced DSP loudspeaker designers to surpass their previous efforts within hours rather than days or weeks.

If you would like more information about the kits and how to get started with DSP loudspeaker development please contact Böhmer Audio and we’ll be happy to help.