The Böhmer Audio revolutionary Room Correction can be licensed and is easily integrated into any Audio Product. 

The Room Correction starts with an ordinary measurement using a 10s chirp sweep. The response is captured and sent via Internet to the Böhmer Audio Room Correction server that does the psychoacoustic processing of the measurement and calculates the necessary correction filter coefficients. The filer data is then downloaded via the Internet into the DSP filters in the product.

There are three licensing options; stage 1 is a software license only providing access to the Böhmer Audio Room Correction server. The Audio Product needs to have the capability to play back a chirp sweep and capture the loudspeaker response, send it via the Internet and receive the filter info. It also needs to have the required DSP filters in its DSP software.

Stage 2 is the same as stage 1 but with the addition of a hardware module provided by Böhmer Audio, which can be either integrated into the Audio Product or used as a standalone unit. The module handles the measurement, generates the chirp sweep and records the measurement from a microphone connected to its phantom powered microphone input. The measurement is controlled with a WiFi remote app using any web enabled device. It sends the measurement via Internet to the Böhmer Audio Room Correction server and receives the filter data back. It then communicates the filter data locally to the Audio Product that has to have a DSP with the necessary filters.

Stage 3 includes the Stage 2 module together with a third small module that should always be integrated into the Audio Product. The Stage 3 module contains a DSP with necessary filters to support the room correction. The module communicates directly with the Stage 2 module. Stage 3 is a turn-key solution for integration of the Böhmer Audio Room Correction into any product. The Stage 3 module has an I2S signal input and one I2S signal output. The rest of the room correction process is taken care of by the Böhmer Audio modules.