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Best Of Awards 2017 - Best DAC Preamp Crossover

Publication Date: December, 2017
Publication: Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
Reviewer: Carlo Lo Raso, Senior Editor

"The Legacy Wavelet is a unique and effective product that is much more than the sum of its parts. Combining the features of a quality preamp, a multi-way electronic crossover, a DAC and an effective speaker/room correction system in one box, Legacy gives 2-channel listeners a great deal of value and flexibility in a handsome streamlined package."

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Legacy Audio Wavelet Review

Review Date: September, 2017
Publication: Dagogo
Reviewer: Ed Momkus

"This is what the Legacy replaced in my system: 1) the MBL 1611F DAC, specially modded to include MBL’s own volume control and analog inputs; 2) the Lyngdorf RP-1 room correction device, and 3) the BSG Signal Completion Stage. At retail, this totaled $32,000 of equipment."

"The DAC in the Wavelet is competitive with the best DACs available, the room correction is better (IMO) than all others I’ve heard, and the digital preamp, crossover and equalization features are of the highest order."

"The Legacy Wavelet led me on an entirely different path that has upped my listening enjoyment. Highly and unreservedly recommended, even for those who have extremely high-end components."

"The Wavelet is greater than the sum of its parts."

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Legacy Audio V Speaker System Review (Part 1 and Part 2)

Review Date: April, 2017
Publication: Dagogo
Reviewer: Doug Schroeder

“Toggling between the on and off positions of the Bohmer Correction was not much less dramatic than flipping a light switch on or off. The lower foundation of the music collapsed and the bass went M.I.A. without the Bohmer correction.”

“Its performance cuts like a blowtorch through my steely reviewer defenses and has my mind in machinations of how I could possibly own it.”

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Legacy Audio Wavelet Preamp/Processor Review

Review Date: March 6, 2017
Publication: Home Theater and High Fidelity
Reviewer: Carlo Lo Raso

“I found the sound quality of the Wavelet exceptional, rivalling what I experienced with the 3 expensive analog components that the Legacy unit was substituting for.”

“With the correction on, there was an overall increased sense of precision in playback with my speaker system. Perceived images of performers and instruments became more clear in space with main vocals being the most obvious beneficiary of the processing.”

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Legacy Aeris with Wavelet Processor

Review Date: February 2017
Publication: The Absolut Sound
Reviewer: Anthony H. Cordesman

“In my initial review of the Legacy Aeris (Issue 235) I found that it was an excellent speaker for its price. The addition of the new Wavelet processor, however, makes a great speaker even better.”

“The end result is a combination that integrates electronics and speaker design in ways that not only do more to solve room-interaction problems, but produce cleaner and more musical sound at every dynamic level.”

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Rebuilding My Music Room, Part 2

Review Date: February 2017
Publication: Dagogo
Reviewer: Ed Momkus

“I will be doing a full review of the Wavelet, but I can tell you right now that this device can easily replace my MBL 1611 F DAC, Lyngdorf RP-1 room correction device and BSG Technologies QOL Signal Completion device (collectively over $35k retail) without any loss of fidelity, not to mention the savings in interconnects.”

“ ...the Wavelet’s room correction capabilities are the best I’ve ever heard, with no anomalies that I can detect, and it really completed what I sought to accomplish by correcting for the few remaining room effects I couldn’t address with room treatments, vibration control (see below) and electrical power enhancements.”

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Aeris Golden Ear Awards

Review Date: September 2016, issue 265
Publication: The Absolut Sound
Reviewer: Anthony H. Cordesman

“The Legacy Aeris can now be purchased with a specially adapted version of the same Wavelet electronics used in Legacy’s top-of the-line Legacy V”

“The Wavelet makes an already excellent speaker a relative bargain in performance-for price”

“The Wavelet is also, however, an excellent DAC and analog/digital preamp, and takes a new approach to room correction that provides the cleanest and most musically convincing results I have heard to date”

“The remote features are excellent and allow some musically realistic tailoring of the bass and upper frequencies to suit a given system or taste”

“the Wavelet can also be used with other preamps, though they had better be truly exceptional as the Wavelet is a really good preamp on its own”

Aeris with Wavelet review forthcoming


Legacy V with Wavelet Processor, Editor’s Choice Award

Review Date: March 2016, issue 261
Publication: The Absolut Sound

“This digitally optimized, multiway floorstander with highly sophisticated processor is one of the best speaker systems AHC has heard—one of those rare new approaches to high-end audio that is so good it almost compels serious audiophiles to audition it”


Legacy V with Wavelet Processor, Top pick above $10k

Review Date: January 2016, issue 259
Publication: The Absolute Sound’s loudspeakers buyers guide 2016

“AHC was truly impressed with what the Legacy V could do in making subtle improvements in the realism of imaging and depth, and the smoothness and clarity of the bass with a wide range of classical music and acoustic jazz.”


Legacy Audio V - Product of the year award - “Technology Breakthrough of the year”

Review Date: January 2016, issue 259
Publication: The Absolut Sound
Reviewer: Anthony H. Cordesman

“Our Technology Breakthrough of the Year Award goes to the Legacy V loudspeaker for the simple reason that never before has such sophisticated digital signal processing and amplification been integrated with a loudspeaker”

“The speaker itself is formidable… but the real magic takes place in the Wavelet processor that removes the effect of reflections and resonances in the listening room using DSP”

“Unlike most room-correction systems that simply measure the response of the speaker and room at the listening position and then create a filter to smooth out the peaks and fill in the dips, the Wavelet operates in the time domain to restore the correct time relationships in the signal as heard at the listening position.”

“It does this not by boosting and cutting certain frequencies as in conventional DSP room correction, but by aligning in time the various signal components to realize a single, coherent wavefront at the listening position—a big advantage over “one-size-fits-all” DSP room correction.”

“The Wavelet-Legacy V system did better in all respects than any other system I’ve tried…”

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Legacy Audio V Review- “A True Assault on the State of The Art”

Review Date: December 2015
Publication: The Absolut Sound
Reviewer: Anthony H. Cordesman

“A true assault on the state of the art…one of those rare new approaches to high-end audio that is so good that it almost compels serious audiophiles to audition it”

“This is one of the best speaker systems I’ve heard. It is worth the trip to hear a demonstration, even if its price makes it a dream for most audiophiles”

“…you hear far more of the deep to upper bass in the way the signal is meant to be heard, and not the usual mix of peaks in the more audible portions of the midbass and suckouts in the upper bass or lower midrange. There also are fewer problems with audible room resonance and vibrating objects sensitive to the particular bass peak in a given room.”

“It addresses the psychoacoustic problems in room/speaker/listening-position interaction to a degree that no competing system I’ve heard has attempted, and it does so with striking success”

“The Wavelet (part of the V Speaker System)…offers by far the easiest and most reliable se-up process of any room correction device I know. At the same time, it goes far beyond the performance of earlier room correction …and produces far better result than my previous efforts to adjust room performance using various forms of room damping and reflection treatments. I’ve lived with a wide range of other room-correction systems,…….. I experienced set-up problems in each case. The Wavelet-Legacy V system did better in all respects than any other DSP system I’ve tried. In addition, its electronics are designed to permit easy firmware upgrades – a feature that should be a basic criterion for modern digital electronics. This means Legacy V buyers face a much reduced threat of obsolescence.”

“The separate Wavelet electronic unit is far more than a room correction device, although it can be used as an add-on that follows another preamp and/or DAC. Legacy describes the Wavelet as follows: “Wavelet is a preamp, a four-way crossover with time alignment, a complete speaker and room-resonance correction system, and a high-end DAC with apodizing ability. The preamp and DAC can also be bypassed at the touch of a button. Wavelet debuts the revolutionary Bohmer acoustic processing to optimize the loudspeaker/room acoustic transfer function in both the frequency and time domains.”

“You can control volume very precisely, choose inputs quickly, do some minor boosts and cuts, and switch on/off three correction features: room correction, apodizing (removing preringing in the digital filter), and low-frequency crosstalk. To adjust individual recordings as required there are three faders for bass-frequency contours centered at 40Hz, 80Hz, and 160Hz, and a lower treble control centered at 5kHz.”

“The Legacy V is one of the finest speaker systems I’ve had the opportunity to listen to, one of the most technically innovative, and a true assault on the state of the art”

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Absolute Sound, Andrew Quint’s Best Of Show / Best Sound (Cost No Object)


"The monumental Scaena La Maitresse Ultime (Sunny Umrao and his crew were still not close to tearing it down two hours after the show ended) featuring the $125,000 isolinear array plus multiple subwoofer. Orchestral music was presented with a scale and sense-of-occasion as close to a live experience as I’ve heard."

The Scaena La Matisse Ultime exhibited at the Axpona show use the Bohmer Audio Wavlet for speaker correction, crossover and room correction.

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Scaena la Maitresse Ulitme Speakers with phase control, DAC and preamp functionality by Bohmer Audio, Audio Research 75 Amplifiers, “Mainframe server” source, and High Fidelity Cables. This was one of the sublime moments of the show, hearing a truly world-class system. What can I say about the seeming ridiculous amount of tweaky cables? The sound was superb in every respect, and represented a far higher than average synergy between components.

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Enjoy the music

As for how they sound, they earn my award for effortless and room-filling ability. There was not the slightest hint of dynamic compression or constraints even during the loudest of musical passages. Imaging
is, as expected, excellent. Visually, i'm in love! Technically-speaking about this design, am once again in love. Bravo Scaena, well done!

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Notabene Audio, Wolf Tiling, Comments on Aeris with Wavelet, March 2016

“…a short summary of my first impressions using my Aeris with the Wavelet… WOW!”

“And here comes the longer version: … I went through the complete setup process. The setup of the Wavelet is idiot proof. I followed the step by step instructions and everything worked as described. It took me about 30min to level the volume on each side and to start the room correction.”

“I´ve started listening without room correction just to hear the difference between the “out of the box” set up against the improvement due to the leveling of the speakers. This was a big difference! The stage was at least on the same level as before, but all other important areas of listening were much better than before: A deep but taut bass, open mids and present, but not aggressive heights. If that was the “only” improvement given by the Wavelet I would be satisfied. But there was one more thing to do. Press the “room correction” button on the iPad. It´s hard to describe what happened then. If the first setting sat me on an expensive seat in a great concert hall, listening to a well-educated orchestra, the room correction brought the conductor in. He immediately advised each member of the orchestra to take his seat exactly at the correct position and to not only play the notes, but discover the meaning of the composition. You feel that the music is not meant to float a room with notes, but with energy, mood and emotions. That´s what happens every time I engage the room correction. I can´t express it like an educated journalist, but I believe an average music lover will understand what I mean.”

“With the room correction engaged, the Aeris doesn´t any longer behave as a “transducer”, it becomes a “translator”. It translates electrical information into music. And it is now able to “see” the pros and cons of the room it has to work with. And it doesn´t only realize that room, but it “tunes in” that room. The first time ever in this room I have the imagination of a “3-D-stage” not only between the speakers, but even on the outer left and right side… given the limitations of the room the result is nothing but marvelous. “

“I will be very proud to promote this combination in the German market. I´m sure that this package will make many music lovers in Germany very happy!”


Quotes from Bill Dudleston, Legacy Audio

“…The Wavelet’s DSP system restores the natural free-field separation at low frequencies, which is otherwise bounded by the room’s physical dimensions. The V system with Wavelet reconstructs the natural low frequency separation occurring within the first 14ms. (Any cut from Dick Hyman/Age of Swing will reveal the wider and deeper soundstage benefits.)”

“The Wavelet processor’s Bohmer Audio Room Correction virtually eliminates the problematic effects of reflections and resonances throughout the listening field over a 40ms window. (The opening plucked bass from Holly Cole’s rendition of “ICan See Clearly Now” from Don’t Smoke in Bed demonstrates this all over the room.)”

“The Wavelet processor virtually eliminates digital pre-ringing of brickwall filters via apodization. (Defeating the apodization by placing the DAC control in the linear mode will demonstrate the digital hash that was present.)”

“…The key differences (between the Wavelet Bohmer approach and others) are:

• The algorithm relies on psychoacoustic weighting (how we hear) and how the sound sequentially arrives to us.

• The applied correction is not sensitive to position. Transient behavior is improved on and off-axis at each frequency.

• The measurements are readily captured and exported to a dedicated website where a super-computer performs many thousands of iterative calculations to determine the optimal correction solution.

• After the correction algorithm coefficients are rendered for each speaker and automatically downloaded into the processor, the processor can apply the correction in real-time over a full 40ms window.

• Psychoacoustic weighting is emphasized in the calculations. The time domain is not compromised to fill minor dips in the response curve.”




“At (a projected) $50k, it’s a big-ticket item for sure. That will get you the giant pair of speakers and the secret sauce, the Wavelet preamp/processor. This box is actually an 8-channel/4-way computer crossover, based on a Raspberry Pi platform, that’s doing to some rather complex math — it’s is responsible for time alignment, speaker and room resonance correction, and is also a high-end DAC with apodizing ability. Bill spent some time attempting to explain this to me, but I was completely distracted by the insanely real textures slapping and thrumming out of an upright double-bass. Holy cow.”


Interview with Bill Dudleston showing the V speaker system


Home Theater High Fidelity Oct 2014

“The new V from Legacy Audio is a groundbreaking high performance speaker system that unites perfect timing with incredible design.”


Composer Rob Welsh

Composer Rob Welsh invites music lovers to check out this exotic performance theater/studio on the north side of Chicago, IL

His system features 3 Legacy V Speakers in Rosewood/Black Pearl finish across the front controlled by 2Wavelet Processors as well as 4 Legacy Whisper XDS surround speakers utilizing 2 Wavelaunch XD processors. It is powered with Bryston amplifiers and uses Meridian surround processing for Blu-ray sources.

Those interested in an adventure may contact Rob at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Legacy “Plans to Rule the World of Hifi” with V & Aeris

"The sound pouring from both speakers (V & Aeris) through the weekend was lifelike, cohesive and engaging. As I listened to the V’s, I didn’t hear a giant pair of speakers in front of me, I heard a musical experience I won't forget for many years to come."
- Ron Brenay, Reviewer from New Record Day visited the Legacy Audio Room at T.H.E. Show Newport.


Here's what the press had to say about the new Legacy V Loudspeaker System at RMAF

"The Legacy V is the Best of Show!"
- J. Darby, Stereomojo

"Legacy Audio V is a Stunner. It dropped my seat somewhere in the first three rows of a concert. Holy cow."
- Scot Hull, The Audio Traveler

"Legacy V is "to die for!'"
- D. Disbennett, Secrets of Home Theater & HiFi


"You want Diana Krall in your listening room? I’ve heard systems that can weave that illusion quite compellingly. But an electrified Bob Dylan, a big-band like Basie or Ellington, or heaven forbid, a full-scale orchestra? That’s a much harder trick. It takes something different to pull that off. Something like the Legacy V."


"The Legacy V is the Best of Show!"
- James Darby, Stereo Mojo


"I saw it. I heard it. This is it. Welcome to the top!"
- Tom Richard


"In the expensive category of best sounding systems, it was a bit of a mismatch, price-wise, between the not cheap but great sounding Legacy V speakers and the crazy expensive Focal Grand Utopia ($195,000 a pair). Either of these systems is “to die for”!"
- Don Disbennett, Secrets of Home Theater & HiFi



"Every now and again, your friends surprise you. And not in a “hey, is that a head in your fridge?” kind of a way. More in a “hey, did you just just add a president to Mt Rushmore?” kind of way."
- Scot Hull, The Audio Traveler


"The Legacy V keeps it all flat and clean and perfectly timed, and it sounds just wonderful to me, as fresh as mountain spring water."

"The Legacy "sound" is not at all shy about including a high end that is a little bit in your face, and by that I mean flat. Legacy sets the pace for giving you a high end that is so smooth and so clean that you don't mind it slapping you around a little bit."

"I often wonder if the trend in some circles toward a high end that gradually droops from 1 kHz on up, following some expert's idea of an ideal target curve, is a result of listeners trying to avoid annoying peaks and distortions in lesser-quality speakers."

"Sub and bass sections are powered with 1400 watts of internal power, and the two channels per speaker requiring user amplification are 98 dB/watt efficient, very easy to drive."

"It comes with their new Wavelet processor , including onboard preamp, a four-way crossover with time alignment, complete speaker and room resonance correction (by Bohmer Audio), and a high-end DAC with apodizing ability (to eliminate pre-ringing)."

"Today's top DSP technology is as high-end as anything else you can call high-end in audio, and in the Wavelet processor is just plain invisible, except for its positive effects."

"Frequency response smoothness was awesome and clarity was impeccable."

"Now I can not pass their room without hearing what they (Legacy) have to offer."
- Wayne Myers, Home Theater Shack